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Firing on 1-2 Spark
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Post 1-2-spark
well you know I driving a 2cv turbo....... working on a programmable ecu....

well now I'm working on my own ignition system which is called


Look at this video this is the 1-2-spark in test mode making sparks from about 1/2 an inch!!! using an old black 2 2cv coil you don't believe.... look at this video.....

So here are the specs used in the video

dwell 0.006 second can be less for operation in the car.
then 0.001 seconds rest
and so on

So the noise you here is the spark going on and off all the time.

Next step is to make a real functional ignition system with a VR sensor
(inductive sensor).

Big advantidges above other ignition systems.......

- Your origninal ignition system can be still in the car. (You never need it anymore)
- full waterproof (you can make a submarine from your car)
- only current on the coil when it is needed (making a spark) the coil doesn't go hot even going on for 2 hours like in the video.....
- adjustable dwell (with pushbuttons)
- adjustable ignition curve (with pushbuttons)
- adjustable rpm limiter (with pushbuttons)
- at cranking speed 3 spark events in 1 rotation
- Sensor at crankwheel not at Camwheel
- Vr sensor (much better then a Hallsensor)
- 2 coil on cop or 2 normal coils in wasted spark
maybe later
- secquencial ignition (2 coils no wasted spark)

What do you think guys, I'm planning to sell it ?????

another video

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Firing on two.
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Post Re: 1-2-spark
Look very good, i interested.
Push buttons for dwell etc, NEED to be protected or fixed.

May 12th, 2011, 10:34 am
Firing on 1-2 Spark
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Joined: November 8th, 2009, 5:42 pm
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